iPad Rehab


 This is me, Jessa Burdett, the moment I became MommyFixit.  

I am doing my first iPad screen replacement on my kitchen counter.  The picture was taken by one of my iDevice breaking kids, who was pleased as punch to get that iPad 1st generation back in one piece.   I had no idea that this moment marked the start of an exciting transition from geneticist to small business owner and board-level microsurgeon.  MommyFixit later grew into iPad Rehab  (back when I thought other shops primarily run by men might balk at sending their board repairs out to Mommy.)  

In the early 2000's I got a PhD in a field that involves the study of how really really tiny things built inside cells pull off incredible feats like controlled cell division.  Studying the effects of mutations in cells is all about troubleshooting complex processes on a very small scale.

I have four little kids now, and still spend nights staring into a microscope.  These days, it is studying how really really tiny things stuck on a piece of copper pull off incredible feats like connecting to the internet and displaying funny cat videos.  Studying the effects of burned/damaged components is all about troubleshooting complex processes on a very small scale.

Our repair shop is a primarily online business doing mail-in motherboard repairs for other cell phone repair shops.   We also serve many DIY customers when they run into trouble with their repair.   In addition, we do serve our local community with standard iPhone, iPod, and iPad screen replacements and general mobile device repair. 

We can repair almost any board-level iDevice problem, and if not, at least tell you exactly what is going wrong.

  • broken iPad digitizer or LCD fpc connectors
  • replace iPhone battery connector or any other flex connector socket: camera, power flex connector etc.
  • replace any soldered on dock connector--iPod, iPad Air, iPad mini
  • clean and evaluate iPhone water damage
  • troubleshoot and repair any backlight problem: backlight fuse, filter, diode, ic, coil
  • replace knocked off SMD components on any board
  • troubleshoot board-level problems- no touchscreen function, no backlight, no power etc.
  • specialize in data recovery