iPad Rehab


Closing for vacation!

We will be CLOSED for vacation from July 28th until Aug 11th.  

Cut off date = Repairs that are received by MONDAY July 21st will be repaired before vacation.

I was going to post a picture of a chicken neck dangling from a crab line and ask if anyone knew what  it was, but it was just too gross to look at.    It is time every July to connect our children with their Maryland roots---beach, crabbing, salt marsh time and Pa's jokes.  

We are excited about the  growth of our business this year,  and are actively expanding our infrastructure and training to be able to accomodate more board-level repairs to support the DIY community and cell phone repair shops around the world.   
Hopefully next  summer we won't have to close doors when vacation time rolls around again.  In the meantime, if you have an immediate board-level repair or just can't wait,  I have lined up emergency coverage---feel free to email for details using the "Ask us a quick question" form to the right.


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