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Curriculum overview for Practical Board Repair School--August 2015

Just wrapping up another great week at Practical Board Repair School with Jessa Jones and Louis Rossmann.
This week we had students from all over the US, Bermuda, Barbados, Canada, and even Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

As usual we had a lot of fun, lots of hilarious slogan suggestions for new course T-shirts, and as usual the progress the students made throughout the week was amazing. 

We started the week by developing technical proficiency and getting familiar with the equipment.  Students completed:

  • A Samsung galaxy charge port, and learned to make microjumpers for pulled pads
  • Placed a digitizer connector on an iPhone 5s,
  • Built an iPad mini digitizer assembly.  

We hit the schematics on day 2 and covered:

  • Small component parts sourcing,
  • How to orient connectors on the schematic
  • Types and functions of basic components
  • How to use the multimeter
  • How to read the board itself
  • In depth analysis of the common backlight circuits on iDevices and how to troubleshoot them.
  • Everybody performed a backlight filter replacement on iPad mini
  • iPad mini digitizer connector replacement and continuing technical proficiency skills work.

Day 3 marks the turn of the course toward more complex problems and efficient diagnosis

  • The business standpoint: How to translate your skills into profit for board repair
  • Professional water damage recovery--trying out the Crest ultrasonic cleaner
  • iPhone shield removal
  • How to use the DC power supply to force charge a dead battery
  • Short detection with FLIR camera, alcohol method, freeze spray
  • iPhone 5s trace repair
  • Lecture and cheatsheet to learn to instantly recognize the source of common device failures for iPhone/iPad 
  • How to address no power, no charge, no backlight, no image
  • U2 tristar chip
  • Recognizing rabbit holes--what are the limits of what we can do
  • Data recovery from a hardware perspective
  • More electronics theory--the hows and whys of component failure

Day 4 moves us into advanced schematics and open-ended troubleshooting

  • Recognizing and understanding how the basic components interact to form the common circuits
    • DC/DC boost circuit
    • Current sensing circuit
    • Buck converters
    • MacBook Sys onewire circuit
    • How to measure and address open-ended problems
    • Technical proficiency for bga--the MacBook LED driver
    • Working together through an open-ended MacBook problem
  • Applying new skills to the problem boards students brought from home
  • And the course classic--Louis sets a board on fire

Day 5 was all about practical application of skills and technique refinement

  • Small group work to figure out MacBook boards with open-ended problems
  • Continued work on problem boards from home with instructor support
  • Real-life examples of customer problems right off the iPad Rehab incoming device queue
  • Graduation and T-shirts!

After hours, the group met informally for dinner and drinks, and lots of great information was shared.  
The end of the week comes too quickly, but all graduates can join the Practical Board Repair alumni Facebook group.  I love to see the memories being made and especially the proud pictures of the successful work produced back at home.  We will see each other again at CTIA or eReuse conferences, or maybe an alumni advanced course in the future.



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Then, I would also like to attend for the next September course.
I'm from France and ready to come in US, just because you are the best and it would be a great pleasure to learn from you.
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