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Have questions about microsoldering, board repair, or independent repair advocacy?

I am going to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit tonight 9pm-12am Eastern.
I usually don't have the bandwidth to personally reply to most of the questions that I get through the website, email or online---so this is your chance to ask anything!

I'm on Reddit as Jessa_iPad Rehab

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Hello iphone god repair girl
Just want to ask inrepair my heaphone port to my iphone 6plus and everytime i turn the voulme up is sound blown or distorted

Please can you give supplier details for iPad Air 1474 home key FGP connector. Thanks for your education.

Hi Jessa, I would be really grateful. If you could tell me if it is possible to source TAM0605-4sm 3.25ohm 0.1A 2.4ghz inductor coil for 6th gen air.
I cannot find anywhere, is there an alternate part or will I need a donor board?
Well done you and Louis for giving it your best shot at Nebraska!

I have a galaxy s3 and it is dead how much do you think it will cost to get repaired Thank You

You are a woman doing electronics repair. You use foul language and make off color jokes. You are abrasive and condescending. So, are you married? Would you consider marrying me? :) I love your videos, great info and love that attitude. Keep it up! Thanks for the hard work and information.

Please can you give supplier details for iPad Air 1474 home key FGP connector. Thanks for your education.

I recently replaced a broken screen on a iPhone 6. i must have lost track of the screws and put a long screw in the short screw hole. i think that there is damage to the board. what do i exactly have to do to fix this issue. also, how much would you charge to fix this issue. Thank you in advance!

how much you charge for touch repair

Hi maybe you can help me. I'm a new mom and I accidentally laundered my iPhone 5s. After having a tear fest I put the phone in a bag of rice for a few days. It wouldn't charge so I purchased a new battery on Amazon and a new screen and it works perfectly except for my touchscreen. My connector could be bad but I'm not sure and I don't have anyone to fix it! I'm so sad because my baby photos and videos are on this phone. All I want is to get them off. Could you please help me apple won't help me at this point.

Darn it! I missed the Q and A! I dropped a 3 day old 128 gb iPhone 6s Plus in the pool a couple months ago and let it dry but didn't do anything to it until today when I received a tool kit in the mail- I have it open on the breakfast table now and am excited to start tinkering! It was a salt system pool so there is a little (surprisingly little) corrosion in a couple spots- I think there is some around the three connectors just below the camera. The phone won't charge but I am wondering what you think the chances of it being resurrected are??