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I tried explaining the business of motherboard repair to my 97-year old grandfather.  Graddy is a living treasure---he has steadfastly upheld his abstention from the internet, maintaining that "when all knowledge is so readily available, you learn nothing"   Graddy dutifully type…

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10, 173 miles

We have a new record for the farthest a device has traveled to land here on the iPad Rehab worktable.  Jack sent his phone with no power,  no home button and an auto recovery-mode boot.  Yup, all three of those problems are part of the iPhone 5 pry damage syndrome.  
We fixed up Jack's missing …

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Rice Rant


Wait, you dropped your phone in the sink?  Put it in rice, quick!  

The infamous rice advice.  My personal bane.   Perhaps it is true that a few grains of rice sealed in a Caribbean salt shaker may knock the humidity down a peg, we have grossly over-estimated the power of rice as a dessican…

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