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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How do I send in my device for repair?

First, fill out a quote request in the above tab--then Just follow the mail-in instructions here.

2.) Do I need to pay in advance?

No.  All our services are no fix = no fee.  We will send you an invoice with an option to pay by credit card via email once your repair is completed.  If we can't solve your primary problem, then you only pay return shipping/reassembly if needed.

3.) What is the turnaround time?

Straightforward repairs---connectors, simple backlight jobs, etc.  3-5 days.
Complex repairs---depending on complexity and our queue this can take 2-6 weeks.
Data recovery -6 weeks.  Rush data- 2 weeks

4.) How can I get my service rushed?

For straightforward repairs--you can mark the outside of your box RUSH and we will add a $20 front of the line pass to you invoice.  This often results in same day service.
For complex repair--we do not offer rush service
For data recovery, we offer a $100 RUSH MY DATA pass to accomodate those who would like us to try for their data, but need their phone back within 2 weeks to meet insurance deadlines.

5.) How does the no fix = no fee thing work?

If we quote you a solution for your primary problem, and we can't fix your device to solve that primary problem (i.e. like "it won't charge" or "it boot loops with blue screen") then we will not charge you for the labor on the device.  For No Fix repairs, we will give you the option of paying an invoice for shipping (usually $6 domestic for phones), or just donating the device to the donor board pile.  

6.) What if the device ends up having something else wrong with it?

 Our no fix = no fee policy is for the solution to the primary problem only.  If you device turns out to have an underlying secondary defect, then we will give you some options to add on a secondary repair, or receive the device back with just the primary problem fixed.  Secondary problems do not qualify for a no fix = no fee for the primary repair.   For example, if your blue screen phone is solved, but then it turns out to not have a functional fingerprint sensor---this is a secondary problem and we would still bill for the blue screen solution.

We will be responsible for maintaining your eligibility for Out of Warranty Swap at Apple for iPhones for US customers.  If we accept your device for repair and it would have been eligible for OOW swap, but you choose to send it to us instead of simply going to Apple and paying the Out of Warranty Swap fee (see Apple Support for those prices), then we will return it in a condition that will allow it to still be eligible for Out of Warranty Swap by Apple.  If you receive your device back from us for a no fix repair, and the device is now deemed ineligible for Apple OOW Swap, then you can send it to us with the Swap fee and we will swap the device for you and send you your new phone as part of our customer service.

7.) How does your data recovery service work?

For data recovery, we make no guarantee that the phone itself will work again, although we do attempt to extract the data from the phone by repairing the logic board hardware.   For data recovery service, we offer a no data = no fee guarantee.  If we can't get your data, then no fee.   If we can get your data, we will send you back your device which may or may not be functional, or may be partially functional.  We will maintain a local copy of your data until you let us know that your data has safely arrived at home.

8.) What other repairs do you do?

We love to work on strange stuff--send us a quote request.   Anything electronic that would be more expensive to replace than to just fix the board, we are open to taking a shot at it.

9.) What kind of warranty do you provide?

We offer a 6-month warranty on any board work that we have done.  Future liquid or drop damage is excluded.  However, we have never turned away any warranty service due to the 6 month limit.  We only send out robust repairs, and have a very low rate of warranty problems.  Every now and then, something needs a tweak.  If your repair is not working in your hands, we are happy to take a look at it and see what we can do.  You pay for return shipping to us, and if there is a warranty issue, then we cover return shipping back to you.

10.) Do you offer business-to-business wholesale discounts?

We don't.  In the future this may change as we build our infrastructure.  Our primary customers are other general repair businesses, so we charge the same board repair rates to everyone.

11.) I'm nervous about sending my phone to you, how do I know that you won't just part it out?

We have a very solid reputation in the repair community.  Check out jessabethany's reputation on  We encourage you to read our many customer reviews on facebook and check out our over 500 positive feedback ratings on eBay.    Check out our reviews on Yelp, and watch what we do on our YouTube channel.

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