iPad Rehab

Mail-in Repair Process Overview



  • Check our price list to see if we offer a solution for your device and problem.
  • Fill out a quote request online.  Give us the details!  We want to be sure your device is a good candidate for repair before you ship it to us.  You'll get a formal estimate back from us within 24 hours. Call if you need an immediate estimate. 
  • Pack your device to ship, following the instructions from your estimate.  Make sure to send only what we need for motherboard repair.
  • Send us your device, along with the printed estimate page.  We will match your device to your estimate on arrival and send you the "Hey we received it" email.  Your device is then put into the repair queue.
  • You will hear from us again after your device comes up for repair.  You'll get an invoice email if all goes well, or a ticket update if we need information from you.   You will not hear from us during the time your device is in the queue.  No news means it's still in the queue.  
  • Once the invoice is paid (via Paypal or credit card), this will prompt automatic shipping.  You will get a tracking number on your ticket.
  • When your repaired device arrives at home, come on back and give us a review or send us an email to let us know how we did!