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You can now pay Apple to fix the flawed device they sold you.

Apple finally acknowledges epidemic touch failure--and offers to let you pay them to fix their own design flaw.

What does this mean for you?

I talked with Apple today about the details of their touch "repair" program, this is what I learned.

1.) Apple does not guarantee that they will actually repair your board, but may instead swap it for one from their refurbished replacement stock. This means you may lose your data.

2.) Apple does not deny that Replacement Stock phones may contain boards harvested from phones with prior history of drop or bend, and therefore likely to develop the same problem down the road.

3.) Apple can not confirm that there have been any changes made to the original design, such as a futureproof metal shield, that will reduce the risk of this problem happening again.

4.) If you have any secondary issues with your device such as screen or frame damage you will not be eligible for the repair/swap program, and will have to pay $349 for regular out of warranty swap with refurbished stock.

5.) There is only a 90 day warranty on the repair/swap.

6.) The program for Apple to repair their own defective product is not free. You will pay $149 to have their design flaw either fixed or swapped for another board with the same underlying fault.

We continue to stand by our bona fide REPAIR solution for touch problems. We offer a superior 6 month warranty, futureproof shield installation, actual repair of YOUR board with no swaps, and extended no fix no fee guarantee that covers 10 possible secondary complications of touch ic microsurgery in addition to touch function.

If you have recently sent your phone to us and your phone is in queue and has not yet been under the microscope we understand that in light of this new information you may prefer to have your phone serviced by the manufacturer. For a limited time we will allow cancellation of in queue repairs that have not yet been started. 

Please call us at 585 397 4174 if you have any questions about touch ic service.


Tales from the Microscope

Have questions about microsoldering, board repair, or independent repair advocacy?

I am going to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit tonight 9pm-12am Eastern.
I usually don't have the bandwidth to personally reply to most of the questions that I get through the website, email or online---so this is your chance to ask anything!

I'm on Reddit as Jessa_iPad Rehab


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The Epidemic of iPhone 6/6+ Touch IC Failure Explained

The long-term consequences of Bendgate.  Apple continues to Pull the Wool over the Consumer's Eyes


The Apple genius is not surprised when you hand him your 13 month old unresponsive iPhone 6+ with flickering grey bar at the top of the display.   The guy next to you in line is there with the ex…

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Bad Apple. The Intentional Bricking of Working iPhones with Error 53


I am thrilled to see widespread attention finally coming to the Error 53 plague.   Since I made my "Error 53, Let's Talk" YouTube video, I get anxious requests from stunned users for help solving error 53 every single day.   For most people, there is no solution.  Their previously working pho…

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Take a Look at the 5 and 10, glistening once again....

iPad Rehab is all about repair--bringing new life to old things.   We are packing our microscopes and heading over to a vacant storefront on Main St in our own local village.  We are bursting with new ideas to rejuvenate this historic location into a bona fide "Fixer Space" where we will do reta…

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Curriculum overview for Practical Board Repair School--August 2015

Just wrapping up another great week at Practical Board Repair School with Jessa Jones and Louis Rossmann.
This week we had students from all over the US, Bermuda, Barbados, Canada, and even Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

As usual we had a lot of fun, lots of hilarious slogan suggestions for new course…

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Dear iPhone, Who's Your Daddy?

Suit jackets are hot in May.  I tossed mine over the back of a chair.  We were grabbing a quick lunch in the Capitol building.  It was the middle of a whirlwind day of meetings with our NY state legislators.  I sat next to Gay Gordon-Byrne, the executive director of the digital right to r…

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Legos. Truly Legos.

I might have to fix a water-damaged keyboard in the morning if I keep crying on it like this.
For those of you who follow me (ibjessa) on Instagram, our new YouTube channel, and the iPad Rehab Facebook page you've watched these last few days as I've finally mastered bga repair. (Those square bl…

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The Ultimate iPad Mini Repair Post

Come Learn the Secrets of the Finicky Mini

Companion YouTube video __CLICK PLAY__
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Bring up the iPad mini in a conversation with the repair community and you will hear a roar of “Oh, I HATE the mini”   This device is a booby tr…

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Practical Troubleshooting for Sustainable Repair


So this thing isn't turning on...

 You're holding an iPhone in your hand and pressing on the power button to no effect, what is your next step?

Step one--Is this No Power? Or just No Display? 

At first glance, what seems like a no power problem--the phone shows nothing on the screen--could …

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Another Letter from Graddy

Honestly, I never thought I would become one of "those" people.  

You know, teenager-style, staring into a phone while walking through the park.  Immersed in some online world and oblivious to the natural beauty shaped by billions of years of evolution around them.

But I am.  I  *so* am.   I c…

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iPad Rehab went to Maker Faire at our local elementary school.

We donated $500 of Snap Circuit building kits to the STEAM program and had a blast making flying saucer circuits with the kiddos.

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