iPad Rehab

The Fine print:  

  • There will be a $20 phone reassembly fee for the no fix/no fee jobs if you want them sent back fully assembled and you are not charged a repair fee.
  • If your device has a warranty issue that is not repairable we will refund the repair price minus $20 reassembly fee.
  • Data Recovery jobs- data will be removed from our secure hard drive after 30 days of shipping.
  • Do not send in fully assembled iPads.  Send board only or board in back housing for iPads.
  • Do not send us your cases, Sim cards or other accessories.
  • We are not responsible for accessories sent with the device.  
  • We are not responsible for damage to the device caused during shipping to us.
  • Passcodes are required for data recovery jobs.  If we are able to get access to the data but the passcode is not provided or is incorrect, we will  still charge the data recovery fee for the time invested in providing a path to the data.


We warranty all of our work for the primary solution that you were charged for.  If you send us a iPhone 6 for backlight solution we will repair and provide warranty for a backlight- we do not warranty that device for any other issues that may have been present prior to sending to us or that show up within the warranty period.

We can only address warranty issues or refund repair costs if the device is returned to us for inspection.  

Shops are fully responsible for successful repair costs regardless if their customer pays them.  Your customer stiffing you is not justification for you stiffing us.

We assume any device sent to us also accepts these terms and conditions.