iPad Rehab


Recent Customer Testimonials

Mike T.

"thank you so much you have made this mans day! He is an elderly veteran that is  suffering from terminal cancer he lost his house in a fire and lost his son this year... our company is paying for his repair to help him out I let him know that you were able to repair his phone and he got a big smile on his face ...thank you so much."

 Mark H.

"I had iphone 5 Pry Damage, I sent it in not sure if the reviews I read on here were bogus but I am telling you from personal experience that this organization takes their job seriously and goes out of their way to satisfy there customers. I sent my phone in, about 3 days later I had their invoice in my Paypal. I paid it, and the phone arrived a few days later. They provided a cable I was missing as well as some screws... IPhone left here with no home or power button working and came back fully operational!!! Couldn't be happier!!!"

 Adrienne M.

"So grateful for this service! I'll be posting a review as well but I am so excited to have my phone's home and power button working and safely stored back in it's mom case. Thank you, Jessa!!!! Now I will be able to take a decent picture when I have sweet baby #2 in 2 weeks-ish!!! YAY!"

Rick S.

"amazing experience, my phone feels like new. definitely would reccomend to anyone!!"

Sean M. 

"I sent my phone in for repair July 5th. On July 11th received it in perfect working order. One major plus I must mention is that I forgot to send in some of the internals (screws, battery shield etc.) and my phone was sent back with them at no extra charge. All I can say is thanks a million. Don't hesitate to use this service. I am extremely satisfied. Thanks Jessa."